Welcome academic leaders, deans, and department heads! Are you looking to elevate the standard of teaching excellence within your department, school, faculty, or institution? Look no further than our exclusive “Guide to Developing Teaching Awards in Higher Education.” This comprehensive resource is tailor-made to empower you to create and implement your own prestigious teaching awards, setting a new benchmark for academic success.

Customized Strategies: Uncover strategies specifically designed to help you establish and administer impactful teaching awards that recognize and celebrate outstanding educators within your academic community.

Enhanced Prestige: Elevate the reputation of your academic unit by showcasing a commitment to teaching excellence and fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation.

Inspire Faculty Engagement: Engage and motivate faculty members by providing them with a clear pathway to recognition and professional growth through the development of teaching awards.

  1. Designing an Effective Recognition Program: Gain insights into structuring a robust teaching award program that aligns with your unit’s values and goals.
  2. Engaging Stakeholders: Learn how to garner support from key stakeholders and create a collaborative approach to promoting teaching excellence.
  3. Crafting Meaningful Criteria: Define criteria that reflect the unique strengths and priorities of your unit, ensuring that the teaching awards truly resonate with your faculty members.
  4. Celebrating Teaching Excellence: Explore innovative ways to celebrate and showcase the achievements of award recipients, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and recognition.

Download our “Guide to Developing Teaching Awards in Higher Education” now and embark on a transformative journey towards recognizing and celebrating the exceptional educators in your academic community.


Cynthia Korpan, PhD
ITeach: Certification in Higher Ed Inc

About me

I have over 18 years experience in Educational Development in Higher Education and over 35 years related to workplace learning. As the former Director of Teaching Excellence at the University of Victoria, I garnered significant experience in developing programs and courses, teaching undergraduates, graduate students, and professors, and mentoring many about learning and teaching in higher education. In 2017, I was honoured with the Educational Developers Caucus Leadership Award for my national work related to educational development. My research focuses on early career academics’ first teaching in the academic workplace. This work and my expertise has been and continues to be shared with institutions around the world, such as Canada, the United States, China, Uganda, Pakistan, and Ghana.